Monday, October 17, 2011

What you would get for a a PISO fare promo?

Actually it was my first time to experience a PISO fare promo.. true enough when you get to pay less, you will correspondingly receive a bad service.. tsk! tsk! tsk!

A week ago, my hubby, myself and a couple of friends were bound to Gen.Santos City, flight 7:10 am.. Thinking to eat breakfast and rest for a while inside the airport before boarding time, we left Baliwag, Bulacan at 3:30 a.m.. Viola, we arrived at Terminal 3 of NAIA around 5:30a.m., more than enough time for us to check-in our luggage and eat some breakfast..

Much to our dismay, we joined the long line of passengers waiting for their turn to check-in.. At first we were content on waiting and exchanged stories, several minutes passed-by and were still too far from the check-in counter.. Until a ground crew began calling our flight and took our tickets, a lot of the passengers got angry.. Imagine, how disorganized the ground crews were, all the flights were mixed up together, there is no particular counter for a certain flight.. It crossed my mind, what if our luggage was inadvertently sent to Pagadian City instead of GenSan? OMG! It could ruin our vacation.. Just checking-in our luggage lasted for a little more than an hour and what's worse, they began calling our flight for a last call to board, when in fact we just got hold of our boarding pass and we yet to pay for our terminal fee.. A male passenger ran towards the gate assigned to us without even wearing back his shoes.. We ran and ran, even forgetting to answer the call of nature.. Haisst! photo finished we were the last to board the bus en route to our plane..

Upon boarding, we expected to enjoy the trip by sleeping..Viola, passengers in my front and at the back of hubby both have babies with them, who both refused to keep their mouth shut nor sleep during the flight.. Mind you, I was not angry at the babies, it's their mothers who were all irritating..Its simple, if you decide to travel with a baby, packed snacks and bring their favorite handy toys to keep them busy during the flight.. Learn to respect the rights of the other passengers.. Remember, like you, the rest of the passengers are just humans who needs to rest and enjoy life..

Next time around wait for the series of blogs about our 3 days whirlwind tour of SocKSarGen-Davao..

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