Thursday, August 11, 2011

FOOD CRAVES: The Burger that towers your cravings!

Aren't you tired of eating hamburgers with all the same look? A burger bun, hamburger patty and mayo?? Plus cheese and green thingy like lettuce or cucumber just to give something new? *well I'm not pertaining to any particular burger brand. lol.

After releasing the double down.. now KFC put another teaser and a craving much burger that would probably put your jaw down and forget your diet at all. It is something new! And something really BIG!


Some people might ask what's about it? Well, of course it got a big hamburger buns, creamy mayo, crisp and fresh lettuce, a delicious hash brown (oh my! new isn't it?), cheese and the good original recipe chicken patty (same chicken patty as with the double down).

I was so excited when my boyfriend and I scheduled our tower burger day, or I should say MY tower burger day! HAHA! August 3, Wednesday, it's our post monthsary celebration at KFC! With all this mouth watering and much appreciation as my boyfriend handed down in our table the tray with the KFC tower burger!

And OMG! "Watta big box!"

And when I open it "Watta tower burger!" HAHA.

Before eating this, I noticed that the arrangement was not right. Look again at the picture I took using my android phone. The hash brown goes last on the list. I don't know if it was just a mistake by one of the crew or it's just how they want to be in the KFC tower burger Filipino version. Anyway! I don't care! Because.. no matter the sequence of those, when you put together it is still a towering burger! It's actually the hash brown that made me crave like crazy! I've never had a hash brown in a burger..Ever! :)

We ordered the Tower burger snack box meal which includes tower burger, fries, one drink and one piece chicken. Apparently, tower burger was all mine. Though he got a bite of it. But I'm proud for I finished it all alone! HAHA! This burger can go as high as 2 and a half inch. Could you believe I ate KFC tower burger with my bare hands and all-stretched mouth! Super stretched! I didn't care what and how might people look at me even my hubby.. for he was saying, "Ang laki naman kasi.. I can't imagine to eat that BIG..." WELL..its really quite high to bite. But its munching! And finally I'd got a taste of this towering burger! I have to tell, honestly I had a quite time finishing it. But indeed, it was a great one! I enjoyed every single bite! BUSOG MUCH! swear! And I want another time with this tower burger. Another busog moment. :)


KFC is obviously my favorite one! two-thumbs up! yeah!

A KFC tower burger alone cost P110.oo.
A meal with fries and drink cost P140.oo.

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