Friday, August 5, 2011

MEMA blog : Letting Go and Moving On

Sometimes, there are people who will come into our lives and for some time, will leave us. Oftentimes, we can't accept the fact that we have to part ways. After that, what is left to us is to let go and move on with our lives.
it is really very hard to let go of someone who we cared for, who we trusted, and who we dedicated our lives. Many people say that if someone moves away from our lives, we are not meant for that some one. What we have to do is to move on. But how can we move on if we can't get rid of the memories that we have. Those times that we're together, the secrets that we shared together, the problems that we solved together, those laughter and tears. These will always be in our hearts. These things also hinder us to move on. We ca'nt move on, knowing the fact that we will no longer do these things with that special person. There will also be a point that we will blame ourselves why this parting of ways happened. Then, we will try to run after that person to somehow convince him to comeback. We do not have to blame ourselves for everything.
The other person also has a shortcoming for sure. We have to get out of the box. Facethe reality and that nothing on earth is permanent exept change. Our world doesn't justt revolve around that one person. Let go and move on. Discover other people and other environment. orcourse, we should not forget them. They made us stronger. We'll just have to find something that will make us happier. To let go is not that easy. Even if will find other company, we are sure to miss everything about that person. We are already used to be with that person. What we have to do is to remember that it is for sake of both persons. We have to show that we're stronger and that we can still continuelife without them. Perhaps, regrets won't come into our mind if we succeed and move on with life.
The next thing that will come to our mind would be friendship. Of course, we have to keep the friendship. It is important to us to remain as friends. From that, who knows, what is lost may come back.

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  1. i was just wondering if this is meant to be for whom??? neweis.. at long last na-post din..