Wednesday, August 10, 2011

MEMA blog : Love Me Not...

MEMA blog : Love Me Not...Oftentimes we seek for mere happiness that will lighten up our feelings. We asked ourselves why in this world we always experience the vast and weary atmosphere of life’s intricacies.

Am I not good to everyone? This is just one of the questions we oftentimes asked ourselves.

It made me realize that no matter how good we are to people that we love, still they have reasons to let you feel that you are not. Is it not enough or am I just being too much?

I found myself bothered with the things that always haunt my sanity. The stillness of my sanity started to weaken. Until one day I found myself lost, afraid and broken.

My mind is vague and my heart is empty. My whole system is in great numbness. Why can’t I feel the pain I normally feel in everyday of my life? Why can’t I love him now?

I wanted to cry but my tears are frozen. I wanted to scream but I can’t utter any word.

…. He came close to me, held my hands and embraced me with all his might.

Questions were raised on top of my head. Who the hell he is? He seems to care about me. He even shed tears as if I am the missing piece of his life. Can someone help me from this enigmatic thought I am in to?

I pushed him away from me but he never dares to withdraw his hands that held me so tight.

In a wink of an eye, the pain that I usually feel eventually runs through my system and the longingness I felt before is now corrupting my weary heart.

As I turned my eyes on him I noticed that his lips are red as cherry. His full narrow eyebrows gave emphasis to his bewitching eyes. Indeed he is good looking.

He opened his mouth and his warm breath ruled my being. He is the air that I breathe that gave life to me.

I cried then tears began to fall. I miss him. His warm touch, his voice, everything about him. I love him so deeply.

…. But why can’t he love me the way I wanted to be loved?

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  1. In loving someone, it is more often than not that we give our love all the way, without saving even a little for ourselves.. in the end that feeling would only leave us heartbroken, if we keep on waiting to be love like the way we love that person.. rem, once again you have touched my heart..