Friday, July 15, 2011

I Want To Brag A Minute:Friends

For my first post on this blog, I will talk about my beloved friends. I want to brag about how cool and fun they are to be with. For me, they're not the typical friends that you can ever had because each of them has their own unique personalities.

  Dora*my lalabs* the smart kid! Sometimes she doesn't even need to study to pass her exams but if you would saw her you wouldn't think that she's like that.

  Second one's Chaddy who's like a clown and he is the mood maker of the group, he's always loud and goofy.

 The third is Inna*my beybs* she's a sophisticated/sweet girl that loves to smile but don't you dare make her mad because you will not definitely going to like it.

Fourth on the list is Miyo she has this bold*strong* attitude with her, in the sense that if someone was bothering her friend she would also get pissed with that person.

The fifth on the list is Rem he's like, how would I say this? some says he/she is a sweet guy probably because of his smile and gestures, but to me he's like a punching bag. I always bother him and we bicker a lot too but I love him, I really do. :)

Then next one is Melv'z, he's kind the point that he's like the maid of the group because we always ask him to do this and that, get this and that, at first he'll say he's not going to do it but at the end he would.

The last but not least Thea she's like the Ms.congeniality, she greets people very well and can get close to other people easily.

We have different personalities but somehow we connect to each other and that connection brought us together to be best of friends. Every time that we are together we are just like just bunch of crazy kids, always laughing, teasing and making fun of each other. Even if you locked us in a room for a day we could definitely can survive it, be sure to give lots of foods because we really love to eat and its our past time actually. But like any other groups, if there are good times there are bad times, sometimes we would have arguments and misunderstandings but we make sure that we would overtake it the end of the day. And I think that misunderstandings can help us be more mature and be strong as a group. So I really treasure them so much I want them to know that I'm very proud to say that they are my FRIENDS.

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  1. can the names be revealed? i'm quite interested on who the particular peeps are.. especially the one you love much.. elaborate please????