Thursday, July 28, 2011


One reason of people being happy is MONEY.

Money is everywhere but NOT everyone has it.

My personal blog for the mean time will be about "How I spend my money?"

I usually get my allowance every Sunday afternoon after attending mass in our place.

Having been currently on my last year in college, it's not that easy to budget because I am quite a SHOPAHOLIC.

Not only that, I am also fond of eating almost anything that captures my taste buds.. =)

It might not be obvious as my friends will say, I'm petite, but I do eat a lot to the point that I almost lost all my money.

My daily allowance is P150.00.

You may say that it is more than enough because I am renting an apartment near the university where I am enrolled.

Somebody may want to ask: "What's the need of having P150.00 if there is nothing so much to pay for?"

Here my story will start, I am not the typical student who spends money on transportation and food alone.

A lot of people were telling me, "Why don't you just walk?"

My answer would be, "I will not exchange my safety for just a P10.00 bill for transportation."

See how I make palusot?

But honestly, It's true.

Nowadays, it is not safe for us, ladies, to walk alone in the street so what is there to be thrifty about if it is yourself who will be saved from possible danger.

Next is my eating habit, I do not just eat three times a day.

I do eat more than six times (depende sa mood).

They usually say, "Hey Thea, what's your secret? You almost eat anything and yet you still managed to have a slim figure."

I really don't know what's in me but my metabolism seems to work really fast which is an envy of many.

During lunch time, I usually spend P80.00 for one meal, one soda, a bottle of water and a dessert plus candies.

I really don't have an idea why food loves me really much but I will not in any way going to hate eating.

It is my FIRST LOVE. <3

This is my very first blog and I hope that on the following blogs you will still find time reading it.

I have lots to share about this topic which I personally chose.

Thanks for reading.. ^.^

"The way to a ma's heart is through his stomach."


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