Thursday, July 28, 2011

Second Thoughts

The WHAT IF- thinking before you do. And the WHAT IF-thinking after the action. Still in both situation we ask, WHAT IF?

I guess everyone experiencing having seconds thoughts in mind. Sometimes we don't realize we're having it. But we're actually experiencing it in our every day routine. By the time you wake up in the morning. You will ask yourself:

"Am I going to school/work, what if not?"
"Am I gonna get up and start my day or just be lazy all day?"
"What am I gonna have for breakfast?"
"What should I wear?"

Second thought? Yes. Because we've got a lot of choices, obviously. You can either choose to have bacon or a scrambled egg in your breakfast. Or just skip it and sleep again. But if you choose to do the latter, then you'll be wasting your time, unless you badly need it due to lack of sleep. You can choose a red shirt over a white blouse. You can choose any, because we all have the privilege to do so. But does it mean, any we choose is good for us? Maybe yes. Maybe no. If you choose bacon over scrambled egg, what would you feel? Anyhow both of them are food. You will be satisfied but probably not as much over the other vice versa. Because, probably one of those is much satisfying for you based on your taste and wants.

Many of us get bothered of these second thoughts, "WHAT IF?" For some reason, even we don't want it to feel, we still do. Ridiculous! And I really hate it when it happens. When I'm buying clothes, bags or anything, I surely have this brood mind. "What should I buy?" "What if buy this or this?

When my friends and I don't have place to go, we have this brood mind again. "Where should we go, Mcdo or Jollibee?"(right? like we always say)

It simply shows, that we think these second thoughts first before we act upon it. We think, feel, decide and then you do. We always ask ourselves, WHAT IF?

I can say second thought is like doubts in ourselves. We get to doubt something before we buy or eat it. We get to doubt someone before we trust him/her. We get to doubt the question before we answer yes or no. We think. But not as always. Sometimes we get away by our feelings or emotions.

When you're mad, do you think what to say, feel and do? NO! because we're carried away. Then you lose control. Say foul words. And much to that we feel such hatred wherein we punish ourselves in return.

When you're in love, do you get to think? Yes. But most of the time, NO! We get to come with the waves of our emotions and feelings. We forget to ask, WHAT IF?

I have this professor, that I love so much! She is good, actually very good! She always gives us words of wisdom. And most of it, is very applicable to me.

"You will always have second thoughts, Aynah...", she quoted.
Yes. She's right. I do have second thoughts.

What IF, I never went addicted to alcohols and gimiks?

What IF, I never let go of him? Will I get to love Gerard?

What IF, I control my temper? Can we have better understanding and mend our differences?

What IF, I'm on his shoes? Do I feel same shame he felt over?

What IF, I just listen first?

What IF, I did not get pregnant? And instead have this dream life and career.

"What if, we do it the other way around?"
"Are we gonna end up differently and better?"

What IF?
When we fall into a wrong decision, we tend to regret. Of course! It's already a life formula. When its done, then we evaluate our wrong doings, and then, regret. But that doesn't mean, you can never be right again. The what-if-second thought will always be a ghost in our minds. You can never take it away. One way or another, they will dwell in our minds and feelings. What important is, when you do right, be proud. And when you do wrong, stand for it. Though sometimes its hard and painful, well its part of the consequences. And then, try to make better choices next time. No one is perfect, anyway. Mistakes and wrong decisions are part of our lives. It's you! It's us who will be deciding and making our own life history. Who give a damn to what you do?! Its your life make the most out of it.

What if you've done it? Who cares! Just do BETTER next time. HAHA!

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  1. anak, "what ifs" and "2nd thoughts" like what you said are part and parcel of our lives.. if afterwards we realized that the path that we have chosen is not really what we want, we need not regret it for we have learned something from it.. like what the old adage says, life's experience is the best teacher.. so for as long as you've been happy with your decision, stick by it and never regret it, what is more important, learn from it..