Saturday, July 23, 2011

an unusual day!

Saturday, supposed to be a day wherein I could wake up late and enjoy the comforts of our bed shared with hubby.. but since I chose to teach, it is necessary that I wake up early and study ahead of my class.. so as early as 4 in the morning I got up and started reading, then I heard noises from outside, engrossed as I am in what I'm reading, I opted to ignore it..
Then, all of a sudden while the sun is about to greet me good morning, I heard someone from outside moaning and crying, curiosity forced me to put down my book and check what is it all about.. To my indignation, I was told that a neighbor of ours committed suicide.. Whew! it is not everyday that you get to know someone who would want to free himself from all the troubles here on earth.. So to make the long story short, I was left with no choice but to stop what I'm doing and since taking a nap before going to school is an exercise in futility, I went outside and join the group gossiping about what happened .. Don't get me wrong, it is just to satisfy my curiosity why I went out and nothing more.. But to my dismay, time is of the essence and I need to leave the group.. bitin!
After a day in school, I went home and it's has been a long & tiring day. While browsing the net, I read about what happened in Norway, and I felt goosebumps on my skin, then I realized how lucky we are to be free from all these things.. I empathize with the victim's family, our neighbor and those in Norway.. How tragic it must be for them to realize what happened..

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