Friday, July 22, 2011

When I Feel Frustrated

Sometimes, things just don't go the way we want them to . You want this and that, but you cant have them. And then you will feel unhappy and disappointed. Frustrated.You exert so much effort for something and then you were rejected. You expect something will happen after a very bad incident but there's nothing. And then you'll feel unhappy and disappointed. Frustrated. When can you say you are frustrated? When should you feel it? How would you feel it? What makes you feel it?

Frustration is a common emotional response to opposition. It is related to anger and disappointment, it arises from the perceived resistance to the fulfillment of individual will. Frustration can arise form internal and external. In people, internal frustration may arise from challenges in fulfilling personal goals and desires, instinctual drives and needs,
or dealing with perceived deficiencies, such as a lack of confidence or fear of social situations. Conflict can also be an internal source of frustration; when one has competing goals that interfere with one another, it can create cognitive dissonance. External causes of frustration involve conditions outside an individual, such as a blocked road or a difficult task. Frustration can be considered a problem–response behavior, and can have a number of effects, depending on the mental health of the individual. Every human being experiences is actually a motivator to change and growth.

It is HOW we handle our frustration that is important, for if we are unable to constructively cope and deal with a life long series of obstacles in our life our goals will go unmet permanently. It is important for humans to understand that without discomfort we would never be motivated to change. If something becomes stagnant it dies. Frustration is uncomfortable; therefore, we are forced to change and adapt which is the reason homo sapien did not become extinct but survived and thrived.

There are lot of things people do when they feel frustrated. Me? I will just simply shut my mouth off and then take a deep breath so I can burst it all out. For me, frustration is a combination of stress and pissed off. I always get disappointed whenever something I expected did not work. It's not that I have the highest expectations on everything, I just want something better.
I feel frustrated when I'am..
  • Dumped. And that was so terrible I could hardly sleep. I never really want to be dumped since I first realized what world was all about.
  • Failed. I failed so many times in my life. I failed to treasure a friend who passed away. Failed an exam. Failed to say thank you. Failed to say goodbye. Too many to mention..
  • Lost. It's not about when you lost something.. It's something about what I feel when I think I'am lost. Nowhere to go.. to run.. to talk to and to cry on..
  • Broken. Simply broken..
  • Left alone with no choice. Yes, it's true because in a 1000 chances of choosing, I only had a 100 chance of choosing by myself. And it was hard. It was terribly hard for me.


  1. so in order to overcome your frustrations, what would your recourse be? people do get frustrated, a lot.. with all the things happening around us, most often, things which we do even like, we get frustrated.. how do you counter this now?

  2. there are things i believe that will help me overcome frustration. things that are not psychologically proven to really help someone who is frustrated, but is effective, for me. later on i will post it on my work ma'am. and yes ma'am you are right, things we do even like can cause frustration. I'll try to think about it and i'll post it soon. thank you ma'am for the love letter! :)